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How to mine Burstcoin for newbies

What You Need:

  • Most Recent Java Version (Select the download ending in ".exe")

  • and Qbundle (Qbundle_installer_X.X.msi) ( Download ever " Latest Release " )
  • 1 - Install the Qbundle wallet (anywhere you want) and run it. We'll assume you're a new user so please click "DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT?..."
  • 2 - You will receive a sequence of words, this is both your login and password. You will need those words is this specific order in order to log in to your wallet. Write it down! ( It's your passphrase)
  • 3 - Login using your newly generated passphrase. You will see your wallet, on the left under the logo you have your Burst address. ( BURST-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXX )
  • 4 - Now ,you need to do some transactions on your wallet in order to be registered as a Burst coin user, without it you won't be able to mine. The best way to recieve a few coins to get started is visit the GetBurst Forum, join, and post in the "Getting started - Initial Coin Request" section.


    - You can alternatively use the Poloniex Exchange to buy Burst and send it to your wallet address


    - You can try to visit Click on one Faucets link , resize your wallet window to the left and it will show you your wallet addess. Copy it to the facuet and click Claim(Send) Burst in order to receive your first Burst coin!


    - You can try to contact us on Twitter.

  • 5 - After few minutes the coins should be on your wallet. ( Account Balance 1 Burst )
  • 6 - Now click on the top menu on the wallet Tools -> Reward Recipient
  • 7 - Copy from the wallet your Burst address and paste it into the field labeled " Your account:" , then into the second field paste:
  • 8 - Click on " Set Reward Recipient " , if one error appears try to change " Select wallet to use: " from local wallet to online wallet
  • 9 - Paste your secret passphrase and click OK. (Now you will have to wait 4 Blocks to Mine).In the meantime let's move on...
  • 10 - Click on the top menĂ¹ of the Wallet Tools -> Plotter
  • 11 - Select the harddrive where you want to create your first plotfile , copy from the wallet your numeric ID of your account and paste it into the second field , then choose the size of the plot , set threads at 2 if you want to use your computer while the plotter is working , now click " Start Plotting" ( if Xplotter is not installed Qbundle will ask you to install it )
  • 12 - You are creating the plot file...(this operation takes some time but we can go on...)

    - if you want to stop the creation of the plot close the window

    - if you want to resume the creation of the plot click on the top menu of the wallet Tools -> Plotter , click on the top menu of Xplotter Action -> Resume plotting then select the plot file to resume.
  • 13 - Now you have to start the miner , click on the top menu of the wallet Tools -> Miner.
  • 14 - Set the Miner :     (or you can select from " Select predefined pool ")
                            Mining server: port: 8124
                            Update server: port: 8124	
                            Info server: port: 8124
                            Deadline limit : 63072000   						 
  • - Now ,You see a window like this:
  • 15 - Click Start Mining ( if Miner is not installed Qbundle will ask you to install it ), you should see one black window with lines of text written in green...
  • DONE !!! Remember, more people/storage capacity join the pool, more chance we have of winning blocks! Good Luck! And happy mining.

If you have any changes or any corrections to suggest on the guide contact us on Twitter (Direct message !!!) , Thanks !!!